Seen In Japan: Carbonated Coffee

I needed some coffee and was in a hurry, so bought this without looking too closely at the label. Big mistake.
Full Throttle
As it turns out, it is carbonated coffee. No, that is not quite right. Actually, it is being advertised as “sparkling caffeine”, because it has twice the caffeine of regular coffee. That, and it has lemon and lime flavoring added to it, to give it an “exhilarating, refreshing taste”.

For the sake of completeness, here is the TV commercial for Full Throttle, which somehow I had previously missed.

The verdict: There is a good reason why no one has ever really tried to market carbonated coffee before. There are many foods and drinks in Japan which people dislike the first time they try them, but which soon become acquired tastes and are even enjoyed by most people. Full Throttle does not fall into this category. Even without the lemon and the lime flavoring, it is hard to envision this drink ever becoming popular. I took two small sips and threw the rest out. Now, five hours later, I still feel sick to my stomach. It is simply undrinkable.

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