Surgeon Dentist, Kashgar

Surgeon dentist, Kashgar, China

This photo of a dentist’s office was taken in the old city of Kashgar, China, in 2003. Unfortunately, most of the old city has been torn down and the Uyghur residents relocated, as per decrees from the central government in Beijing.




Gateball, a game sort of like croquet, has become all the rage in Japan, especially among the elderly. Here a man is practicing his swing, just as Japanese men a generation before would go out on their day off and practice their golf swing.

Cherry Blossom Buds

It is March 29, and the cherry trees are blossoming all over the Kansai area–everywhere except in our neck of the woods, north Shiga. It’s still too cold here. Fortunately, the buds should open up in a few days. When they do, I’ll post some photos. Until then, here is a photo of some cherry blossom buds, nearly ready to blossom.

cherry blossom buds

Uyghur Woman Selling Naan

Uyghur woman selling naan, Kashgar, China

I took this photo of a Uyghur woman selling naan in Kashgar, China, in the summer of 2003. (Scan of 35 mm print.)

“Fudge Pancake Tacos” Dust Jacket

This is the dust jacket for our latest work, Fudge Pancake Tacos. This book will be featured by Ashtar Publi at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair starting next week.

Fudge Pancake Tacos dust jacket


Fig Seller, Kashgar, China

Fig seller, Sunday Market, Kashgar, China

I took this photo of a man selling boiled figs at the Sunday Market in Kashgar, China, in August, 2001. (Scan of 35 mm print.)