Lacquer Factory, Ho Chi Minh City

lacquer factory. Ho Chi Minh City


A Blast From The Past: How to Avoid the 29 Biggest Computer Mistakes Of 1993

This video explaining the basics of home computers was made in 1993, when floppy disks were still floppy, and most computers used DOS. The advice given all seems so quaint today. It is hard to imagine a time when a floppy disk would hold less than 200 pages of typed text.

(H/t Mental Floss)

Power Lines, Ho Chi Minh City

Powerlines in Ho Chi Minh City

This is a typical scene in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (formerly Saigon). Really. Imagine the work required to untangle the lines if, for example, a bus were to knock one of the polls over.

Potters, Kashgar, China

Potters, Kashgar, China

Before it was destroyed in recent years, the Old City of Kashgar, China was filled with old world craftsmen engaged in making things–not for tourists–but for use in everyday life. Here, some Uyghur potters find shade from the 100˚ F sun.

Fall Mischief

William, Fall 2003I was walking with my wife and son, William, near our apartment in Shihezi, Xinjiang, China when I saw this pile of leaves on the ground. I picked up William, plunked him in the middle of the leaves, and took a quick photo before he had time to fuss, making a wild guess as to the exposure time. The results are as you see here. If only every unplanned snapshot would come out as well.

That was twelve years ago …