Pigs In A Basket, Guangdong, China

We were traveling in rural Guangdong, China when I saw these pigs in a bus station, waiting to be loaded on top of a bus. They seemed so happy and sedate.pigs in a basket


Potters, Kashgar, China

Potters, Kashgar, China

Before it was destroyed in recent years, the Old City of Kashgar, China was filled with old world craftsmen engaged in making things–not for tourists–but for use in everyday life. Here, some Uyghur potters find shade from the 100˚ F sun.

Called Home For Dinner, Kashgar

Uyghur girl in alleyway of Kashgar Old City

This is another photo from the Old City of Kashgar, China, taken in 2003. It is a delightful slice of life from a place that no longer exists. (Scanned from a 35 mm print.)

Surgeon Dentist, Kashgar

Surgeon dentist, Kashgar, China

This photo of a dentist’s office was taken in the old city of Kashgar, China, in 2003. Unfortunately, most of the old city has been torn down and the Uyghur residents relocated, as per decrees from the central government in Beijing.

Uyghur Woman Selling Naan

Uyghur woman selling naan, Kashgar, China

I took this photo of a Uyghur woman selling naan in Kashgar, China, in the summer of 2003. (Scan of 35 mm print.)