“Let’s Take Our Cat Poo Home With Us!”

This sign is posted at the park near my house.

take you dog and cat poo home with youIn Japanese, it reads, “Let’s always take our dog and cat poo home!”

Dog poo, I can understand. I often see people walking their dogs while carrying a baggy for the feces. But cat poo? Unless you keep your cat inside or on a leash, that seems impossible to manage. Of course, this could be why the only cat I have ever seen in my neighborhood was being walked on a leash by his owner. Seriously.

cat walked on a leash


“Danger: Enlightened Dog”–Himalayan “Beware Of The Dog” Signs

Apparently, nearly every house in Nepal used to have charming hand-painted signs warning people of their dogs or other pets. However, this is a dying art, so American Michelle Page has started a business called Nepal Art Dogs. The idea is that you send a photo of your most beloved pet to her, and she will have an artist in Kathmandu create a sign for you. You can find examples on her webpage and at MessyNessy. Here are a few to give you a taste of what these artists have to offer.

I just love bulldogs:

Nepal danger dogAnd then there is this fowl-tempered beast:

Nepal enlightened chicken

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